The Beginning

How WalbridgEnterprises began

In 1989 I started for the first time as a Mary Kay Consultant. I found my customers in a very unconventional way: by telemarketing, sometimes straight out of the phone book. This phone skill as well as learning to do random digit dialing and my flabbergasting success in it completely blew the minds of many people, including those in top phone marketing management in later jobs. I found out years later sales training through Mary Kay was considered superior; I learned to love the consultative style and soft sell. I learned how to be an active listener which has, year after year, consistently pulled in customers for businesses. I also learned how to whisper to get people’s attention.

In 1990 we moved to Phoenix, AZ where I got what I call my telemarketing “boot camp”. I found out by practical experience what the term “phone burn out” meant, how the field was “supposed” to be conducted. Was it any wonder the term “telemarketer” conjured up such awful images?

In the year 2000 I left Mary Kay, having never been promoted in nine years. We found the online world for the first time in 2000, my husband having built our first computer which still started up and ran in 2010. I took a break from any phone work for four years, during which time we moved back across country to my home state and had two more kids.

I started back up with a new concept: inbound phone orders from a virtual call center called Pay is based on the amount of time spent talking on calls. I loved it and worked it full time til the amount of calls or call volume dropped. I had to find other online, work at home work because not only was the job market in VT very poor but my home had become chaotic with two new babies. I started finding other places popping up daily, people needing all varieties of phone work done. Forums. Message boards. Groups. Freelancing sites such as Guru, Elance. Craigslist. I studied. Just like looking for work outside the home you apply, apply, apply everywhere. Don’t stop. Grow. Learn what you don’t want, what to look for. How to identify scams.

 2018 and I’m semi retired, employing the art of not only being an active listener for those looking for their next level but also singing, traveling.  Wondering how the arts might support us more.

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