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January 31, 2017


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The term conjures up images of the pushy salesperson calling at dinnertime that won’t take no for an answer til you hang up on them.  Probably one of many reasons the answering machine was invented, caller ID to screen.   It’s not a pretty picture and it’s one that has no reason to be around anymore.  With customer service being huge in this era, people are not afraid to get the name of the company and raise hell on social networks to alert others to this call or that.   All it takes is one irritated person, customer or not, to start an avalanche of bad PR.  Good PR is like trust.  It’s real easy to lose it and it can take forever to gain it back.


For the person who works on the phones, you have to develop a thick skin and be aware that people aren’t rejecting you, they’re rejecting the product or service you’re talking about.  That being said, there are days when being on the phone just isn’t a good idea. Even the pros have bad days.  We’re still human.  Put on that suit of armor and if people don’t want what you’ve got, just write that down with each call until the suit wears thin. That’s when to call it quits.   If you like people at all, understand that everybody has bad days – including you.  The sooner you can respect that on both sides of the phone, the better you’ll be.


January 25, 2017

The tide has changed for the better

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As a work at home person I keep a finger on the pulse of the work at home world. I’ll often have some kind of random job search going in my fields just to see what’s out there. Today I was very excited to pull up a job opening that shows the field of phone work has turned into the customer service or public relations job I’ve been treating it as for over five years.
I’ve been writing about some of my experiences and why I operate the way I do. Maybe it’s time to start blogging a little about it. I’ve often wondered about writing a book about it but I prayed about it. Not sure that’s direction I should go in. Maybe just bite sized blog posts. I’m open to teaching others as well. Maybe this field is turning. Instead of being an often brutal job that had high turnover, maybe if the focus is public relations/customer service instead of hammering that sale or appt, people would be more open to staying. The PR would go up and it wouldn’t be quite so much considered the pariah it has been.
You’ll also note in a couple spots my blog a little dated: 2014, 2015. I started the blog about that time, last edit was September 2015. 95% of this is still applicable.

Pick up the phone

How (now over) 25 years of rejection gave me a Masters in the Soft Sell and a minor in Human Psychology

“Pick up the phone!! Pickituppickituppickitup, come on, pickitup, PICK IT UP!!”  Before the answering machine picked up, the voice was screaming!

A friend of mine once had this for a ringer on her cellphone.  I thought it was hysterical and it can illustrate the pariah that the phone can be for so many people, even those who are experts in marketing.  Picking up that phone.  It can accomplish so much and yet it can scare the daylights out of people for so many reasons.

January 3, 2017

It’s like I shot her out of a cannon

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The speed at which a child takes to being schooled at home when s/he’s needed it badly can be mind blowing. Today was her first day being homeschooled. Even with having 3 classes at her old school that she wanted to go plus having a compressed schedule she still got everything done so she could be with her friends! And it was 98% correct, 1 error each subject. By “compressed schedule” I mean a) she started late and b) we all wanted her to be done by Memorial Day. Give kids the option of flying as high as they want as soon as they want and get out of the way!

I’m so excited to be involved in homeschooling again and I’m wondering how to go about sharing, helping others do this. Has your child expressed boredom with school, maybe causing trouble? Many schools are geared toward bringing the slower ones up but not the other direction. In our case, the “advanced” class was advanced in name only. It’s just more work, not worth the effort.

I’m homeschooling my third and last child through middle school. We’ll be re enrolling her in our local high school because at least at that level, the sky is the limit. If she needs to take more advanced classes or even a college course, the option is there. I started homeschooling when my oldest was told to report on satire as though it was gospel. She started in the 8th grade and just kept going. My second became impossible to deal with at home. He was a monster! In February of his 1st grade year I yanked him out so fast it made everybody’s head spin (including mine!) and he flew over everybody’s head. One year he blew people away by going through 2 grade levels in a 12 month time span. The need to learn was so strong he refused Christmas vacation that year! He’s now a freshman in the local high school in honors courses.

My last one was more of a mystery. Sometimes you’re presented with the need but you might not recognize it straight away. And a touch of serendipity happened. I was looking through storage for scout memorabilia. My son is pushing towards Eagle and I needed to start finding things for that ceremony when I came across something that happened for my youngest in the 2nd grade. It sounded eerily like what I was still hearing: “Oh, the material is fine, she just doesn’t want to do the work” when I wondered if she was bored. Heard this same phrase again 2 years ago and the puzzle pieces started to fall together. And yes, maybe I should have started in 2nd grade when I first heard this but I’m wondering if I wasn’t able to deal with it at that time. Things can be presented to you at the time you need to deal with them. The process of dealing with the school + Christmas + enrolling her in homeschooling was a several weeks long shock. There was a number of things I just could not deal with.

I’m excited about this because the more people homeschool, the more the schooling system as we know it will change. I already know the homeschool field is booming and has been for many years. There are a lot of things keeping it from changing further, among them is unfortunately politics. We’ve been encouraging education for years and yes, it’s smart to always be learning. But human nature is easily corruptible. When you start to involve a lot of money in education, you start to involve power there too. Money is power. The original reason for schooling, for mandating every child go to school can be lost. Before school was mandated, kids were schooled at home. And they thrived. Also, how many well meaning teachers go into the schooling field only to be disillusioned, hamstrung by personnel, funds or politics?

Parents are told they need a specialized education to become a teacher. I suppose if you’re going to teach in a public or private school then yes. But not if you’re schooling at home! Think about it, you know your child best! Homeschooling can be as simple as working with them daily on a project. They learn exponentially and the kids love the parental involvement.

Finally, there’s the time constraint. If there are two parents, they’re both working. Or the single parent that works. I understand the need to earn an income, especially since taxes are so high and numerous. At one point, we didn’t need to have two earners in a household.

That’s where I‘m wondering if I can help out.

For those parents who want to help their child out but they’re not sure how, maybe I can help out as a teacher. We’d have to be on the same page, working with the same curriculum. I like Alpha Omega because it’s so straight forward. The Keep It Simple theory applies to many things including schooling! I can work with all ages, 1st through 12th grade. You’d need to register your child with your local education dept. There’s the option of somebody else schooling the child instead of you. And at the end of the year you’d need to have a certified teacher who works with homeschoolers do a year end evaluation. The state needs to know a) what you’re going to teach and b) they want to see it was actually done. Then you can go on to the next grade. If $ is a problem, there are ways around that as well.




May 7, 2016

Transcription positions

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Going through my inbox I thought I’d share these companies that were hiring the last time I looked.  These people do captioning.


Twists and turns

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It’s been a strange year so far.  I now do PT basically from my hips to my forehead so I can sing, walk and run/jog.  Lifting  things so I’ll be able to lift a suitcase in Nov.  Pounding the pavement for work and learning medical billing and coding through our local library.  I have to be careful I don’t bite off more than I can chew.  I used to do that a lot.  Now I can recognize it, sense it and most importantly say “NO” to it.  My kids are getting older, I need to do different things for them now.  I’m carefully looking into the equine direction as well.  By “carefully” I mean not taking on too much at a time.  I may not be physically capable of doing things with horses that I used to.  So I’m dealing with both of my lifelong loves:  horses and music.  I may look into music theory some time down the road and just enjoy being a baritone.

January 11, 2016

Life happens when you’re making other plans

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Or “we all have seasons when we’re forced to slow down and pause”.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the life thing happen. There was one year, the year I owned a red Ford wagon and the engine died on us. We had a series of things happen at that time so things just snowballed. Among the things we lost was both of our incomes.

Our current situation started mid December shortly before Christmas. I’m a singer as well as a phone worker and I overextended myself. There are psychological reasons behind both. And unfortunately I don’t monitor myself well so I keep screwing up and setting myself back. I’m in the process of trying to get professional help for my voice to help me keep on track. So one phone job had to be let go, the other is being kept in my recovery loop. Until then I’m looking for work that doesn’t involve the phone. I can’t even do a phone interview. People need to talk to me before I’m hired. There have been times I’ve been hoarse from too much yelling the night before but it’s never lasted this long.

It’s winter and the season for sickness so one of my kids is out sick too.

My husband is looking for work as well. He applied to a place just up the street, that looks hopeful.

As somebody who’s worked online for 15 years, I keep a number of computers that can access internet. As of this morning we’ve had two out of five (six if you count my phone) machines need to go into the shop in a span of a week. One was ready to be replaced anyway but it could have chosen a better time.

A bright spot is my dishwasher died but we were able to fix it. Another thing we were planning to replace anyway.

Sigh. What direction are we looking at now I wonder….

November 21, 2015

Good morning, Lord and thank you for the sunrise

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I’m in prayer for so many things. It’s human to worry and wonder. But you also need to give up things you can’t control.

It dawned on me I may be shooting too low in my second job, but that maybe because I’m not confident with the script yet. Learning curves can be exhausting. I’m in prayer for this, got my eye on the future.

Household income just moved around. Husband’s current assignment ended. He’ll be looking into the next possibility Mon. I wonder if he’ll work beyond retirement just to keep moving. He’s one of those who need the external force or push to get up and move each day, maybe not a candidate for working at home.

Wondering whether to even attempt the VT Sr. games. May have upset previously pulled muscles again. For a couple days there was enough swelling so I almost took an ibuprofen. Just stretching them last night prompted a little. But the muscles need to be worked, however gently, just to be able to lift things.

I think about the chaos around the world that also permeates the US. That’s about all I can do is to think and pray about it. There’s too much I don’t know about it, too much to get into. How much of it is propaganda…

And also in prayer for friends and family with work, health or home situations.

November 15, 2015

Direction, refocus

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I walked to church this am confused and upset. The message today hit home as it often does. Among other things, pain makes our focus shift.

I left feeling dizzy of all things. We’ve all heard the joke about falling asleep at church. If your focus is different, you’re engaged. The end comes too quickly and you’re left wanting more.

Matthew 10:13-16 struck a nerve. If the people you speak with are pleasant to you, be pleasant in return. If not, “let your peace return to you” and be on your way.

Not everybody is nice. Some people don’t understand it.

I wanted to share this with all who follow me, not just on Facebook. I might not be the only one who benefits from reading this.

November 14, 2015

Human nature and power

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Expanding more on the thought that people are easily corruptible. It’s human nature to want more and more power. Nations around the world have leaders that are drunk on power. Tyrants, despots. In a very basic sense, it can get to the point of killing off the people you rule over.

It’s the wise leaders that understand the need to change who is in power regularly. What leaders in the world did not want the job? There was a wise president – don’t remember who – who supposedly sat by the ocean one night. After a while, he said, “OK, I feel small enough now. Time to go to bed”. There are things in this world bigger than you. It’s the smart person who recognizes that.

November 2, 2015

The Staffing Exchange

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I thought it might be a good idea to tell people about this since everybody is looking for the next step in their careers. I’m excited to be able to help people find a job, career they love. The Staffing Exchange covers all of North America, Canada and the US. In some situations, usually depending on the client, we can cover international as well. I’m a career broker and like real estate, we match people together. In 2015, it might not be enough to just find people with the skills to get the job done. Company culture and personality now have to be considered and it’s created a whole new industry.

HR, hiring managers have their hands full with the work involved in finding new people for their company. That’s where we come in. We go through many steps looking for the right people. In fact, done properly, we usually only need to present 3-5 candidates to the hiring manager. Commonly, HR and hiring managers are buried in resumes when they’re hiring. We take some of the screening process off their shoulders so it’s cost effective.

We’re all about relationships. We want to help that employer and employee have a great relationship. The two relationships can be ongoing for years. The employer might call us whenever they’re hiring because we make his job easier. We’d like to stay in touch with the employee because you never know what his/her future holds. Or, since we did such a great job finding this job for them, maybe down the road a friend or family member needs our help.

I tend to do best in the northeastern US so I’m concentrating on ME/NH/VT/MA/CT/NY/RI. I’d like to concentrate in the food industry since we all have to eat 🙂 Also, maybe sales and contact centers since I’ve spent so much time in both. Everybody needs a salesperson, they’re very mobile. And I know from personal experience that especially in the virtual world there are contacts centers springing up every month.

However, if you’re not in that area or field, no worries. Since we’re an exchange, the person who works outside that area and field can find your resume and work it, looking for your best opportunity.

How can we help you today?

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