“Everybody lies, especially over the phone”

You’ll miss out on a lot of leads/sales/appts with that cynical attitude.  If you believe people are basically good as opposed to assuming they’re all ignoring you, you’ll go a lot farther.  I used to blow people’s minds at one of my call centers.  It was a newspaper sales place back when newspapers still were one of the ways people learned of their news.  It was nationwide.  I did better on the northeast than in CA.  I would be told to call back at x time to reach the proper person.  I did it, and my sales blew people away.  One fellow employee asked, “How do you do that?”  I explained simply that I was told to call back at x time, so I did.  The employee was incredulous that I believed the person on the other end.  They aren’t always lying to get you off the phone.  Sometimes the proper person really isn’t there.     I’m thinking, why not give it a try?  The worst that could happen is I actually do get voicemail.


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