The Psychology of Letting them go

It’s not uncommon that business owners, managers only look at the short term.  They’re looking for immediate results when it comes to hiring a marketer.  It’s also understandable, they’re looking for the most bang for their buck as soon as possible.  They’ve probably also hired so many people to market their business that they’re fried on the idea.  Everybody claims to be able to get the job done but the ROI each time is garbage.

So the idea that I would happily “let a fish off the hook” might sound absurd – but it often works.  Time is money, you don’t want to waste time on an appointment that you felt like you had to sell the person on and they wind up not showing.  Provided the person allows you to do so, explain the appointment.  Then allow them the option to back out so it’s a quality appointment – acknowledge that they said up front they were happy where they were, but I thought I’d explain this to you to see if you’d like to sit down and have a chat anyway.

I did this for commissioned salespeople.  I’d set the appointment, they’d go out and the product sold.  I did this enough so I remember overhearing a manager asking why all the salespeople would hover over my desk, looking for leads.  She was told “her appointments sell”.  When you’re on commission, every appointment counts if you have a mortgage, car payment etc.


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