Why is marketing done?

Marketing is done because you can have the best product, service or website out there and nobody knows it’s there.  The art of marketing is based on finding buyers and encouraging sales for a product or service.  A business has a product or service that will benefit people in some way.  Commercials may promise a product or service will “change your life”.  For some people, that might indeed be the case.  You need to find a way to target the people who would buy this product and approach them where they are.  Some people won’t be reached by phone exclusively so a combination of different places may be used.  Language is important to a point.  Some words bring positive things to mind, other words you try to avoid.  Image, pictures are important.  What does x mean to you?

Why is that tool (the phone) so scary?  You don’t know what the person on the other end is going to say?  You don’t know what you’ll say?  As for the second question, figure out what the likely questions are going to be, at least to the best of your knowledge, and figure out how you’ll respond.  It can be a funny learning curve that I’ve experienced many times – I’ve got somebody on the other end, what do I do with them?   You might get a question that isn’t anticipated so you fall on your face and sound like you weren’t trained.  Oh well.  Consider it a trial to see what will work.


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