The term conjures up images of the pushy salesperson calling at dinnertime that won’t take no for an answer til you hang up on them.  Probably one of many reasons the answering machine was invented, caller ID to screen.   It’s not a pretty picture and it’s one that has no reason to be around anymore.  With customer service being huge in this era, people are not afraid to get the name of the company and raise hell on social networks to alert others to this call or that.   All it takes is one irritated person, customer or not, to start an avalanche of bad PR.  Good PR is like trust.  It’s real easy to lose it and it can take forever to gain it back.


For the person who works on the phones, you have to develop a thick skin and be aware that people aren’t rejecting you, they’re rejecting the product or service you’re talking about.  That being said, there are days when being on the phone just isn’t a good idea. Even the pros have bad days.  We’re still human.  Put on that suit of armor and if people don’t want what you’ve got, just write that down with each call until the suit wears thin. That’s when to call it quits.   If you like people at all, understand that everybody has bad days – including you.  The sooner you can respect that on both sides of the phone, the better you’ll be.


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